Our Editorial Guidelines

The are the Editorial Guidelines we will be using when publishing articles on Scottish-Independence.co.uk. As we change and update them we will make the alterations clear for all to see.

  1. Everyone who has an opinion on the matter of Scottish Independence will be allowed to register and write an article for publication on this site.
  2. Articles can be focus on any element of the issue of Scottish Independence. There will be no limitations no matter how significant or otherwise the issue appears to be.
  3. Articles may not be balanced and maybe partisan in nature but all articles will be open to public scrutiny and comments will also be available on all articles in order to allow others to agree or disagree according to their own positions.
  4. Articles containing any of the following will be deleted and not published:
    1. Sexual Content
    2. Hate Speech
    3. Incitement to Violence or Public Disorder
  5. Articles containing  any of the following will not be published but will be retained and reported to the Police for investigation:
    1. Threats toward any Person or Public Institution
    2. Exploitation of any kind of any Person or Group