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We want to try and encourage an honest, open and respectful debate on the question of Scottish Independence and we want to give a voice to everyone who has an opinion. Normally this would be done on (anti-) Social Media in one form or another, but these platforms offer such vitriolic polarization that leads to such bile and hatred that it is poisonous to the debate and frankly not a pleasant experience.

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If you feel that you want to write an article and that you have something to say, something you need to get off your chest as it were, then all you have to do is register with us. The site is a WordPress site and lots of help can be found on writing an article (or Post) on WordPress and how to do it.

We have Editorial Guidelines which have been published separately. They will begin short and no doubt grow very quickly as we encounter issues that we have to deal with but at all times we will attempt to be fair, balanced and reasonable to the debate.

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In order to write an article or comment on another’s article you must first Register with Us. Simply fill in the form, click no the link in the email we send you and then Log in. You will then be able to write an article or comment on one. Once you have written your article simply email [email protected] and we will read it in accordance with our Editorial Guidelines and then publish it as soon as possible.