The Dream of Scottish Independence

There is much to compare between the concepts of Scottish Independence and Brexit. The similarities are many but the most important element is that both are Political Dreams, by which I mean they are easily visualised, easily sold by those touting them, easily accepted by the believers and yet most crucially – lacking in any sort of detail or reality.

During the EU Referendum in 2016 there were lots of sound bites, quick promises and “field of dreams” speeches about how wonderful leaving the EU will be:

We send £350 Million a week to the EU

Let’s Take Back Control

We Want Our Country Back

No matter whether you agree or disagree with Brexit, can anyone remember whether or not we were told about the 3 years of negotiations, the 500 page Withdrawal Agreement, the Irish Backstop, the Settlement Bill of £36 Billion (or whatever the number currently is), the Political Declaration, the Parliamentary chaos, the protests, bile and division it all created?

I can’t – and that’s because it was never talked about. Never mentioned – and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Politicians and powerhouse Campaigners behind the scenes (and the screens!) knew but they felt that we shouldn’t be given those little nuggets.

And this is my point: We have been trying since referendum to separate ourselves from a 40 year relationship. What on earth is going to happen if the UK and Scotland have to go through a similar process? The Acts of Union were signed and ratified over 300 years ago.

Just think about that: 300 years.

I want someone to give me those nuggets now. I want to know what the reality of Scottish Independence will be. What it will look and feel like. What will it really be like to live in an Independent Scotland? What do the Elites in Scotland and the Scottish Independence movement know now that we do not? What are they not telling us?

The irony is I tend to believe that the general public are clever and can take the truth. I believe that they are able to hear the reality and still make a sensible judgement based on the facts and their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

I have asked my MSP for “…a complete document, or public source or website somewhere which sets out in detail what the reality of an independent Scotland would be…”. I sent this email on 02/11/2019. I have not received a response yet although I do know my MSP read it on 12/11/2019.

When I have this plan, document or road map, I will share it here.