Scottish Independence Road Map 2014

I have finally received an answer back from my MSP, via another route, about the definitive plan – The Road Map for Scottish Independence, that I enquired about. As Nicola Sturgeon alluded to in the BBC Question Time Leaders Special a full and comprehensive plan was created and published to allow people in Scotland to make an informed choice.

Well I now have it in PDF format and I intend to read it in full and offer my opinion, for what it is worth. If you would like to download a copy please click on the link below.

Independent Scotland’s Road Map 2014

It is a weight tome and I hope you find some answers in it.

I have tried to find a published “paper” version on the Net somewhere but I cannot. I think I am therefore going to have to print it out section by section so as not to overtax my printer.

It should be said that this is not the plan for the next referendum (#IndyRef2. #IndyRef2020 – who knows?). This is currently being worked on and I have asked to be informed when it has been updated and published and then I will add the latest version to our archive here.