Reaction to BBC Article: Nicola Sturgeon: Labour should scrap Trident to win SNP support

Full article: Nicola Sturgeon: Labour should scrap Trident to win SNP support

I understand that the SNP are against renewing Trident and that is totally fair and understandable. I personally prefer a Nuclear Deterrent that we control and is entirely ours. It ensures that we have a seat at the top table which is important in selfish ways for the UK but also to enable us to have a leading role in “doing good” for the World.

What I find difficult to swallow is that the leader of the Scottish National Party, who’s sole reason of existence is for an Independent Scotland, should have any say over what the rest of the UK do in terms of our Armed Forces and our Nuclear Deterrent. What has it got to do with Scotland if they are no longer part of the UK? The only say that an Independent Scotland would have is that it would no longer allow the Submarines to be located on it’s shores – quite right too. Other than that it would be nothing to do with them.

If the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon were not so focused on achieving Independence for Scotland, then their opinion would carry weight as a key part of the UK. They are focused on Scottish Independence and therefore it is nothing to do with them.

I have a moral objection to weapons of mass destruction… I wouldn’t be prepared to press a nuclear button that would kill potentially millions, tens of millions, of people.

Nicola – I would not worry about that. You will never be in that position. Importantly though you have now informed those “mischievous” Nation States who I am sure are very pleased to know that Scotland would be unable to defend itself against their aggression. Russia: I am thinking of you.