Scottish Independence and Me

I would probably say that I am a Unionist, but I would also say that as someone who sees, and would describe themselves as British, that Scottish Independence is a choice for the People of Scotland – not me. I live here, and I am entitled to vote here, but this is not my Country. My country is Britain; the UK or even England; not Scotland (This is not the way I always felt, and not the way I felt when my family and I moved here a few years ago but that has changed.)

I wanted to be clear on this point, because most of my articles would appear to be against Scottish Independence, and I am against it, but I don’t see it as my place to make that decision. Very fickle I know, and maybe I appear to be splitting hairs, but the important thing for me is trying to get to the truth about Scottish Independence, not the dream or the headline. I want to get to the reality, what it will actually be like for people to live in Scotland if it was no longer part of the UK.

Since moving here it is frankly all anyone talks about. The news (and I only watch the BBC) is about Independence. It’s everywhere honestly. I am not sure how Scotland gets anything done. It’s all SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. Depressingly it is all very one sided too. I don’t think the opposing view is represented, or possibly it is not there although that is not what polling would suggest.

I was watching the TV the other day and it was talking about the demise of the Labour Party in England and Wales and how the SNP have wiped Labour out in Scotland and a lady offered a vox pop about how “Scotland and the rest of the UK are in an unhappy marriage” and that “one side was being told they couldn’t divorce”. I couldn’t have put it better myself. That’s exactly how I have felt since moving here.

The Scotts don’t want to be part of the UK and never have. They are unhappy having to play a part in the UK and no longer want to. They want out and even though I live here, and even though I would not vote for it and even though it would cost my family (our biggest asset – our house – is in Scotland and would no doubt nose dive in value following Scottish Independence – simple market forces!) a lot of money – I think they should leave. I think it would be best for Scotland and for the rest of the UK. We would both be diminished in stature but what is the point in going on?

Remove the shackles and let everyone go their own way and get on with their own lives.