Join Us and have Your Say on Scottish Independence

We would love you to Join Our Debate and have your say on what you think of Scottish Independence.

We know how frustrating it can be to see something on the news, or read a piece in the paper, and have a strong view on what is being said and often what is not being said. If you need to let the Media, Politicians and the other Elites in our country know what you think then Register with Us, write an article yourself and we’ll get it published.

We don’t want professional writers and journalists, we simply want the views of the ordinary person, whether from Scotland or from anywhere else in the United Kingdom.We are offering a platform for debate and a way to let you have your say.

We believe it is critically important that everyone is heard, not just one side of the debate or the other. We want to encourage a honest debate with truth at it’s heart – even though that can sometimes be painful,